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“It can be done in a small town”

Edison Ohio was formerly called Gilead Station, and later Levering. The present name was to honor American inventor Thomas Alva Edison. A post office called Gilead Station was established in 1874, and the name was changed to Edison in 1881.

Early Days of Edison Ohio Recalled By Citizens

Originally known as West Gilead, on July 23, 1851, Luther Mozier laid out the town soon after the completion of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Railroad. Disapproving of the Character of improving the character improvements to the town Mr. Mozier had it discontinued and bought back the lots he had sold, thus restoring it to its original condition. In April 1876 he again laid out a town that by this time the railroad had changed the name to "Levering Station". The necessity for a town was for a shipping point for the surrounding area and partly for the accommodation of Mr. Gilead. Mr. Mozier gave ground for the depot and for many years was an agent for the railroad.

Village Newsletters

The first post office was established in 1877 by I. T. McLain Postmaster. The name of the town was changed, by petition, from Levering Station to Edison in 1882 because of a Levering Post Office in Knox County which caused much confusion in the mail service.

Mr. Mozier built the first house and erected several buildings. The first dry goods store was by John Tucker and the first grocery was by Davenport Rogers. Young and Harrison built the first grain warehouse. The first commencement (1889-90) was held at the Methodist Church and Clarence Mosier and Mary Hartly were the first graduates. A new brick school opened in 1882. Later an Opera house was built on the corner of Boundary and Broadway Street, and the following commencement was held there. First-class play 1912. First Alumni Banquet was also held in the Opera House 1916.There were two hatcheries in Edison. Vernon and Nettie Lee owned and operated the first one located on State Street. The Scott family ran the second, located on the west side of the Edison railroad tracks. Two hotels in Edison, one owned by the McCormick family located on the corner of Williams and Railroad Street. H. U. Doty's "Hotel Edison" was located opposite the depot. Fred L. Smith owned and operated Edison Cement Works located on the south side of Williams Street. Edna Wilson ran a restaurant on North Boundary Street.

The Edison Methodist Church Burned down on Easter Sunday in 1941. Soon after, the town's people built a new church. Mr. John Seitz ran a restaurant, and we had four doctors here Dr. E.G. Yowell, ear, nose and throat. Chiropractor Dr. O. C. Collins, Dr. John H Jackson located here in 1883 and practiced medicine until 1918 then moved to Marion. The town Bank was the Citizens Banking company. We had a creamery located on Railroad Street. Earl and Harley Bolinger ran Bolinger's Implement (John Deere Tractor Service). ( This information was recalled by several residents of the village. Miss Jessie Smith, Mrs Trilva Kincade, Mrs Iona McGraph, Esty Swartwood, Ted Koom and Donald Patterson)

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